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St Tropez Bottling Suspect Is Seriously Weird

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We’re starting to pull together some facts about John Washington, the man French police are searching for bashing an American investment banker over the head with a champagne bottle. And what we’re learning is that he is weird. Creepy weird.
ITEM: Washington calls himself “The President of Pop.” As in pop-music. And he claims the music on his website is the most downloaded music on the internet.
ITEM: Washington sometimes refers to himself as “No-1.”
ITEM: He seems to be really, really passionate about pop music.
ITEM: Washington once debated at the Oxford Union in favor of abolishing the English monarchy. (Okay, that’s not so weird.)
ITEM: Washington claims to be descended from one of George Washington’s brothers, and to have inherited the founding father’s place in the Society of Cincinnatus.
ITEM: Washington seems to have convinced some fellow students at Oxford that he is famous and prestigious here in America. Some have even gone so far as to wonder whether he has some sort of diplomatic immunity that will protect him from being arrested for the assault.
[Editor's note: That top picture is Washington, we think. Below left is bottling victim Colin Hall. Below right is the girl who allegedly inspired the attack, Laura Clegg.]

Who is the President of Pop?!?
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