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Stan Shpigelman, Junior Member of Plotkin Plot, Cops a Plea

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It’s always the young ones who go rat first. Stan Shpigelman, 23, has rolled on Eugene Plotkin and David Pagcin, the two other Wall Streeters accused of hatching a far-flung insider trading scheme involving strippers, mailmen, Business Week and a connection to eastern Europe, DealBook reports.
Shpigelman pleaded guilty to one count of insider trading, telling a federal judge that he accepted responsibility for his role in the scheme. A graduate of SUNY Binghamton, Shpigelman had worked for Merrill Lynch. His alleged co-conspirators are veterans of Goldman Sachs.
Shpigelman was accused of engaging in insider trading in at least six different transactions. He pleaded guilty to insider trading related to a then forthcoming Reebok-Adidas merger, Dealbook reports.

Former Merrill Lynch Analyst Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading