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The Accidental Investment Banker

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The new required reading for all of you is The Accidental Investment Banker, Jonathan A. Knee's tell-all memoir of his time at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

Mr. Knee, a managing director at the boutique investment bank Evercore Partners and an adjunct professor at Columbia University, is clearly not afraid to offend. He goes so far as to describe meetings with Joseph R. Perella, the banker who was once his boss at Morgan Stanley, as events marked by "dozing off and occasionally flatulence."

But you really have to read it. Over the weekend we were told of an assistant at a major private equity firm who was instructed to summarize the book over the weekend. Because, you know, it’s the sort of book everyone is supposed to read but sometimes reading seems to involve so much, well, reading. Who needs that when there is math to do?

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