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The Lord of the Rings Theory of The Federal Reserve

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Every now and then it's helpful to break-up the now standard "pause" or "rate increase" talk about the Federal Reserve's next step with a reminder that the Fed is not a force of nature--like say hurricanes--but something invented sometime near the start of the last century. The folks who write for LewRockwell.Com like to call Washington, D.C. "Mordor" so it's no surprise they regard the Fed as the equivalent of the ring that caused Frodo and Samwise so much trouble.

The Federal Reserve was forged by Senators Sauron and Aldrich in 1913 to "bring them all, and in the darkness bind them." OK, actually it was created by a group of evil banking wizards on a 1910 duck hunting trip, as all "regulatory agencies" are always summoned into existence by the criminal elements of the industries that they "regulate." The Fed does, however, function in much the same manner as the One Ring.

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