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Toyota Recall To Make Cars More Deadly For Kids

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How badly does the government hate your kids? Bad enough to kill them. Under federal rules, Toyota is recalling nearly 160,000 Tundras in order to remove a safety feature intended to make it safer for children riding in the front seat.
Airbags can be dangerous to children. Their short statures and small bodies mean the bags hit them in different ways than they hit adults, and suffocation can result. Toyota installed an airbag shutoff switch that allows parents to disable the devices when a child is riding in the front seat. The government, however, requires manufactuers include a special child seat attachment in the front seat if there is a shut-off switch. Since the Tundra's lack the attachment, regulators are forcing the company to remove the shut off switches.
But it's really the kids fault. If they don't want to be snuffed out by airbags, why are they so short?
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