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Upper East Side Building Destroyed: Two Bankers Unhurt

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Well that was quick. After every mass attack, explosion, bombing or random piece of mass destruction that hits New York City, you can bet that local papers around this country of ours will start nosing around for a local angle on the story. Usually a human interest story that follows a script taken straight from the Onion: Local man involved in NYC disaster.
The Cincinnati Enquirer found its story in the form of two young finance types in love—Holbrook Forusz of Circle Peak Capital, who hails from Cincinnati, and Jamie Drobny (the paper spells her name Drobuy but we think they are wrong), a bond trader at Bank of America.

One block from his office Monday morning on Manhattan's Upper East Side, Holbrook Forusz, a former Cincinnatian, said his thoughts turned to terrorism as he was shaken by a loud blast.
"There were about 10 or 12 people near me and we all started looking up," said Forusz, 29. "Then, I saw smoke coming from the building on 62nd (Street) and Park (Avenue). I ran to see if anybody was hurt or if I could help. When I couldn't see anyone hurt, I started taking pictures."
At the time of the explosion, about 8:30 a.m., Forusz said he was talking on his cell phone with his fiancée, Jamie Drobuy, 29, who works as a bond trader at the Bank of America building, seven blocks away.
Drobuy said she didn't hear the explosion, but when Forusz told her about it, her response was: "Get out of there. But he is the nosy kind and I knew he would stick around."

After blast, thoughts turned to terror
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