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Value Added 7/21: Sex, Polls and Planes!

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This week's exclusive DealBreaker content, wrapped up in a neat package for your weekend perusal.
Planespotting:From naked Russians, through Donald Trump to yachtspotting.
BreakingNews: We are the first (and so far only) to report that SEC whistleblower Gary Aguirre has not been asked to testify at next weeks Senate banking committee hearings on hedge funds. Despite the fact that the banking committee has oversight responsibility for the SEC. And despite the fact that Aguirre was investigating alleged insider trading at a hedge fund when he was fired by the SEC.
Planespotting:Brad Pitt in Africa. The CIA in Canada. Just so long as everyone's priorities are right.
Reader Poll:You voted on whether or not the post 9/11 options grantees were assclowns.
20 Banker Poll: Investment bankers tell us what they think of CFOs hanging out with hookers. The verdict? Depends on the hooker!