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Value Added 7/28: Jeffrey Epstein, Ken Langone, Sex Slaves, Bacon, Court Room Drama and (of course) planes!

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It has been quite a week here at DealBreaker. Lawsuits, bashed-up bankers, Senate hearings, scandals, backdating, prostitution and human trafficking. We are about to take a badly needed weekend of rest, relaxation and toxic substance abuse. But before we close up shop and head out for the hinterlands, here's a reminder of some of the juicy goodness you drank down at DealBreaker this week.

Jeffrey Epstein's Assistant:
Your first look at a non-boring photo of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex slave. And then your first look at a second one! (Also note the demur headline we gave this item. We were going to call it "Sex, Slavery, Strap-Ons, Lesbian Under Age Prostitution Perversion and Other Habits of the Modern Money Manager" but that's too long for a headline).
Eat Bacon:Andy Kessler tells us the whole cholesterol thing is a scam!
Langone Smacks Spitzer: Only on DealBreaker could you find the entire text of Ken Langone's biting memo supporting his motion to dismiss Spitzer's case against him.
Planespotting:That NYSE jet keeps going back and forth to San Francisco. We have no idea why so we just take our best guess.
Hedge Fund Hearing: The hearing was boring and long. We tell you what happened and make a couple of jokes.
Marketplace: Coke is dirt cheap in Belgium. Expensive in Scandinavia. Arbitrage anyone?
Court Room Drama: Bess Levin goes to court to watch Langone's lawyers get smacked down by Judge Ramos. Bess (hearts) Ramos.

MTV's plane went somewhere. So did Ted Turner. Jane Fonda is making movie with Lindsay Lohan that we will never watch.