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Wall Street IT Blog Launches

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We tend to ignore some of oompah-loompah types that actually make Wall Street run, focusing more on the Willy Wonkas and all the little brattles bound to perish in his candy factory. It’s not because we hate the oompahs. It’s because they scare us.
Fortunately, we’re not the only bloggers with finance backgrounds, and the fine folks at WallStreetTechDaily.Com have more guts than us. Launching today, WSTD is focused on the most oompahism gang off all—the IT folks. Here’s their introductory note:

Welcome to Wall Street Tech Daily, a new blog in the BigWideLogic family. This blog is for the downtrodden IT folks stuck overnight writing risk analysis programs. This blog is for the kids in the fishbowl swapping out backup tapes. This blog is for anyone in the financial industry who knows how to use a keyboard and mouse for more than placing buy and sell orders – you know who you are.

Welcome to [WallStreetTechDaily]