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Warren Buffett Blind Item Guessing Game

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Fortune reports:

On July 3, Warren Buffett drove himself downtown, walked into the cavernous and nearly deserted central branch of U.S. Bank in Omaha, descended a flight of steps, and opened his large safe-deposit box.
He took out a 1979-dated certificate for 121,737 shares of Berkshire Hathaway A stock, on that day worth about $11 billion - roughly one-quarter of his Berkshire fortune.
Driving back to his office, he pondered the next step: getting that certificate and a few others (worth only tens of millions) to Wells Fargo in Minneapolis for conversion at a 30-to-1 ratio into around 3.75 million shares of Berkshire B stock. He considered FedEx and elected instead to turn one of the 16 people working at Berkshire headquarters into a courier.

So who did Buffett entrust this $11 billion piece of paper? Send your best guesses to Tips (at) DealBreaker (dot) com or leave them in the comments section below.
Would you like that $11 billion in twenties, Mr. Buffett?[Fortune on CNNMoney]