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Will The French Kiss General Motors?

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How much do you love Kirk Kerkorian, who owns nearly 10% of General Motors and recently proposed that the trouble car company enter into an alliance with Nissan and Renault? Pure evil genius. So what if GM faces declining profits, plummeting sales and a declining market for gas-guzzling SUVs in the age of Really Effin’ Expensive gasoline? Renault is 15% owned by the French government, otherwise known as the folks who own the exact same percentage of Airbus parent EADS. Of course they’ll go for it.
The French are like Life Cereal’s Mikey, but with cheese breath. They’ll eat anything.

Renault's Ghosn May Take On Too Much With GM Tie-Up


The French Fart in the General Directions of London and Frankfurt

Oh, the wily and unscrupulous French: They spend years arguing with the ferocity of a cockfighter for tough, nay, draconian financial regulations. And then they elect a Socialist who promises to be even less interested in the concerns of the monied classes. And then, when Europe's two biggest economies—the ones housing the financial centers the French hope to destroy—announce that they'll impose the aforementioned tough, if not draconian, regulations, the French say, joke's on les Huns et les rosbifs.