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Wintour, Women and Wayne Pace

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The neverending Devil Wears Prada press blitz continues this morning with an article by David Carr about Vogue editor Anna Wintour and whether she's more harshly judged an executive than her male counterparts. Writes Carr:

Male media stars can ingest illegal drugs, make obscene phone calls or hire prostitutes without apparent consequence, but the failure of a female media figure to say please when ordering coffee can lead to wholesale indictment.

In our experience, if you're good at your job, no one cares whether you say please, but we will admit that people irrationally expect more humility of their female executives than their male executives. (See Martha, Carly, etc.) And as [male media star] ex-NYT executive editor Howell Raines once wrote, "When was the last time they handed out important jobs in New York on the basis of humility?"
But while we're on the subject of male media stars who hire prostitutes without apparent consequence, we're sort of baffled that Time Warner CFO Wayne Pace still has a job. No, he didn't use company funds, but we think it's safe to say that giving prostitutes money is Generally Frowned Upon With Regard to Appropriate Decorum for a C-Level Officer at a Fortune 500 Company. (Lesson learned: next time you get caught doing lines in public, make sure to note that you didn't use the corporate Amex to pay for the blow.) All of which begs the slightly irrelevant, but fun-to-gratuitously-raise question: if Wayne Pace were a woman, would she still have her job?



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