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Work for the Jeyaretnams in London

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It seems Kenneth Jeyaretnam needs some help. A nanny to be specific. He's got a 9-year-old kid who needs looking after and his current nanny is on her way to college full-time. They're offering three hundred pounds a week but indicate they are flexible. And since Ken just launched a $500 million hedge fund, we suggest you push for a bit more.

We are looking for a nanny to replace our current 'Gem' who is going to university full time in September. (but can leave earlier than this after handover) Our little boy is 9 and at a very academic boys school and is a top student. Very sweet and affectionate but needs a very clear and open communicator as slight verbal dyspraxia. He is a normal 9 yr old so you'll need to be consistent and firm until he gets to know you then he'll be a doll. He loves cooking, art projects, gardening, travelling to sights and stuff in London, the park ,football and cycling and his dog.
We need someone very organised and tidy as he isn't and we work full time. All nursery duties plus some laundry. We have a cleaner as well. Our nanny currently studies part time and we can do this again. Lovely house in quiet safe part of London but 5 mins to zone 2 tube and super accommodation with your own bedroom and bathroom, and share of another playroom/computer room with our son and use of car. ( but driver not necessary.)

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