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Write-Offs: 07.03.06

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$$$Do you think John Thain used this freaking awesome tool when he ripped off our logo? [Fun on It]
$$$The Mini Paper Shredder: For the white collar criminal on the go. Because if you can't make it to the beach in time for G 'n C's, you might as well just go to prison, anyway. [Engaget/The Beach]
$$$Fishes so very out of water: Investment Bankers in the Hamptons. [Flickr]
$$$"In My Universe, 'Banker' is the Gravest Insult." Apropos, where do you happen to hail from? The Land of an A4 With Every Purchase? (A stone's throw from The District of Apartments That Aren't $3,000/500 Sq. Ft; a 30 minute drive from The Island of No 401K Plan? No Probleml!) [Corrente Wire]
$$$Making a $20 Investment at Schwab video. Yeah, this has been up for about a year but we think it's still worth your time because:
1. We think it's funny (and we're obviously the arbiters of what is so)
2. If you're reading this, you're probably not on day 3 of your 4 day weekend at the beach, are bitter about it and, if you want to be honest, don't really have much in the way of "more attractive options." [You Tube]