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Write-Offs: 07.05.06

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$$$Dealbreaker: There's now a floating bed on the market. But it's $1.5 million.
You: $1.5 million? Whatever, I work at a fucking hedge fund. [Engadget]
$$$Sustainable Skateboards. (We know you're behind this, Bank of America; the truth will come out soon enough). [Tree Hugger]
$$$Goldman Sachs puts its Hong Kong interns up in some pretty sweet apartments. "Asian fetishes," however, "must be sated on [their] own dollars. This is Goldman Sachs-- we bag our own bitches." [My Adventures at Brandeis's Int'l Business School]
$$$Denton, you can stop worrying, we figured out the problem (per your big, throbbing 'G'). [Apple]
$$$"Wall Street investment banker seeks petite princess to take shopping." Ostensibly straight, he'd like you to enjoy "Narciso, Armani, D&G, Gucci and Manolo" and wear "pointed, spiked and strappy shoes. Never rounded or wedges." EVER, bitch. He "swears to god," if he "sees one pair of wedges in your closet-- EVEN ONE--you will be sorry." Sing it, sister. [Craigslist]