Write-Offs: 07.06.06


$$$ For a guy who plasters "embrace diversity" and "open-minded" banners on his blog, it's interesting to read some of things that 'gay banker' won't tell the ol' ball-and-chain. Oh well--the monogamous life is not suited for all. [Things I Can't Tell My Boyfriend Number 1]
$$$ "How many investment bankers can you fit in the back of a pickup truck? Only 2--you have to leave room for the lawn mowers!"
I don't get it. [Collection of Stock Market Jokes after the Crash]
$$$ Breaking News: Market indicators have shown that while "Ho" stock has gained some market strength, the "G's" have seen record devaluations in the past two days, sending traders on a "selling frenzy."
$$$ Amongst other things we can add to the checklist of Asian investment banker stereotypes:
a). They only use Pentel PD345 'Quicker Clicker' pencils to get 1600s and 800s on their SATs and GMATs, and;
b). The ever-augmenting length of those Turnbull & Asser's dress shirts they have to wear is sure to drive them into extinction.**
**Lucky for AIBs, Jason weathers the frustrations of his people with the grace and diligence of a "24-hour Chinese restaurant and same day dry cleaning service." [Leveraged Sell Out]