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Write-Offs: 07.10.06

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$$$ Post-humously, a smidge in poor taste, but nothing that'll kill you: more K-Lay tee-shirts. [Cafe Press]
$$$The Rise and Rise of an Ambitious Banker. Is there another kind we're not aware of? [The Glasshouse]
$$$ Membership in the DirecTV Titanium Club gives you access to every single DirecTV channel, EVERY Pay-Per-View movie and every sporting event, costs $7,500/year. Whatever, you work at a hedge fund. [Engagdet]
$$$I won't believe Ken Lay's dead without seeing the autopsy; until then, I'm assuming he's on vacay. [Slobber Chops]
$$$ While John Thain does indeed always say, "It's not whoring if you do it for free," some of us may still be a bit bashful about making a little extra pocket money via sex (Time Warner CFO Wayne Pace's girlfriend not being one of them). But it's not like A4s grow on trees, nor do those adorable "Give Ken Lay The Chair" tee-shirts, and so, we offer you a quick way to make some cash, virtue intact (dignity, not necessarily so. But you checked that at the door some time ago, so we're pretty much in the clear). [Blumpy]