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Write-Offs: 07.11.06

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$$$ Slave Girl's ramblings on V.C's vacation preferences takes a slight venture of their own. She sees 'price upon request' on a 'Black Sheared Beaver' jacket at a couture boutique, and responds, "the only beavers that should have a sign saying 'Price Upon Request' is..."
Laughing at all the obvious jokes [Sand Hill Slave]
$$$ A personal thank you to Wall Street from the People's Republic of China--for years of investment and hard currency.
What is that thing...just kinda the economy. Can you see it? [Craigslist]
$$$ Brady made a video about an investment banker jaded by the job, and wishing to be an "old-tyme Chinese stereotype" ('old-tyme'?) with a penchant for hookers.
He assures us that it is, in no way, meant to be derogatory towards Chinese investment bankers or hookers. Some of his best friends are both. [YouTube].
$$$ Get read for the list of 'unlikely joints' to chase tail (you're gonna love these ones):
a) a park
b) a supermarket
c) a store
These guys really pull out all the stops. I mean, the first and the second are crazy, but that third one? That's NUTS! [BankerBall]


Write-Offs: 01.18.13

$$$ Citigroup Said to Cut Investment Bankers’ Bonuses by 20% [Bloomberg] $$$ HSBC to Pay $249 Million in Foreclosure Settlement [WSJ] $$$ "For most of its history, Dell appears to have followed advice from investment banks — advice that ill-served long-term shareholders to the benefit of corporate executives. The company paid out billions of dollars to buy back stock, and only last year began to distribute some of the money to shareholders who chose to stick with it rather than bail out. It has spent more money on share repurchases than it earned throughout its life as a public company. Most of those repurchases were at prices well above current levels." [NYT] $$$ Matt Yglesias on the Fed: "There's no solving for the desired result. There's just a presentation of a scenario and then a bunch of chit chat and discussion of operational details." [Slate] $$$ Vibrator With 3 Balls Can’t Win EU Trademark, Court Says [Bloomberg] $$$ Levin Report on JPMorgan Whale Said to Fault Regulator [Bloomberg] $$$ Assured Guaranty Cut by Moody’s on Muni Insurance Outlook [Bloomberg] $$$ All Dutch securities have been dematerialized [FTAV] $$$ Chinese labour pool begins to drain [FT] $$$ A sonnet version of the Diff'rent Strokes theme song [VC]

Write-Offs: 5.6.16

Credit Suisse banker case said to widen with 3 new suspects; Berkshire operating profit falls short; Chinese live-streamers banned from 'seductively eating bananas' on camera; and more.

Write-Offs: 3.31.16

Yahoo; Argentina; Banker prison; Airbnb offers bedroom submerged in Paris shark tank; and more.