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Write-Offs: 07.17.06

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$$$Hamptons Blackbook: "Big Bucks Edition"...because 100% 18% of our readers are money-loving gold diggers. [The Beach]
$$$You're an animal. You're a tiger. Be a tiger, baby! You're Tony, be corn flakes, baby, be frosted. Now be a lemur, baby! You're a ring-tailed lemur! You're a little man, baby, you're a tiny, little man! You're a man-boy, okay, okay, yes, yes, be a man-boy, be a man-boy!: "Little man needed for an art photography photo shoot in the Wall Street area. Dressed in a banker suit riding a horse (or next to it)." [Craigslist]
$$$New rehab center for video game addicts in Amsterdam: Wherein used needles are welcome, and 8-balls stop getting such a bad rap. [Engadget]