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Write-Offs: 07.24.06

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$$$ Freddie Prinze Jr. and Chris Klein are filming "some sort of b-list ensemble cast i-bankerish movie on broad street"...Don't act like you haven't already Fandango'd your tickets. [Gawker Stalker]
$$$ "The Diary of a Future Gay Investment Banker" who enjoys "champagne with live music" and wants to "retire in [his] forties." We throw up in our mouths a little bit, you see a hole bored into the deepest, darkest crevice of your soul, Hank Paulson wonders, "How the hell did they get their hands on mygournal?!" [Future I Banker]
$$$Advice from a criminal defense attorney. (It's like, do you honestly have the time for this kind of thing, Eddy Little? You've got a dancer to defend!) [Craigslist]
$$$Pictures of yourselves. Congratulations to the select few who made it past "Pictures of you-". [Bankers Ball]