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America Thinks Your Job Sucks

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The girls weren’t as impressed as you’d hoped when you handed them your business card at Bungalow, were they? Even though it said “vice-president” and was printed on bone card stock and lettered with Silian Rail printface. It seems unfair. To make things worse, it’s not just the coked-up girls at beach-themed lounges. Turns out not much of America finds your job prestigious. At least not if you are a banker, businessman, stockbroker or accountant.
Here are the six occupations that are perceived by less than 20 percent of American adults to have “very great” prestige, culled from the results of the annual Harris Poll measuring public perceptions of professions and occupations.
real estate brokers (6%)
stockbrokers (11%)
business executives (11%)
actors (12%)
union leaders (12%)
journalists (16%)
bankers (17%)
accountants (17%)
entertainers (18%)
On the other hand, we’re pretty sure the percentage of Americans who regards “blogger” as a very prestigious occupation is less than the margin of error in the poll, and consists of a group of people who could all fit into the backroom of the Magician.

How Prestigious is Your Business Card?
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