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As it turns out, you are all cows

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We think that’s the message of economist Robert Frank’s short essay in the New York Times today. Writing about the rise in popularity of SUVs, Frank says, “The conventional determinants of consumer demand cannot explain this astonishing trajectory.”
So what “determinant” explains why people started driving fancy trucks? Frank says it’s a “herd instinct”—people imitating richer people. The idea is that because some real ballers started rolling large, everyone else jumped on board with it.
The irony is that now that hybrids and energy conservation are becoming fashionable, not driving an SUV is also a reflection of the herd instinct.
So, basically, no matter what you drive the message you are communicating can be summed up in one word—Mooo.

The Herd Changes Course and Runs Away From S.U.V.’s
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