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Blackstone Babe Gets Freaky When the Lights Go Down

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We're oddly, endlessly and perhaps dangerously obsessed with Christine Hearst Schwarzman. Her first marriage was to an heir to Hearst money, and now she’s hitched to Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of the Blackstone Group and head of the Kennedy Center. But she’s not just a trophy wife—even though she’s pretty easy on the eyes—she’s an intellectual property lawyer in her own right.
Pretty, accomplished, smart, rich and an expert man-catcher. That skill set should be enough for one woman. Not C.H.S. though. She’s also got some, uhm, more specialized, recreational skills. We almost missed this Page Six item until WallStFolly pointed it out. A party for Denise Rich on St. Tropez, where the Schwarzman's own a home, things got so out of hand it had to be shut down early. Admist the chaos, C.H.S. got a little freaky.

“Pole-dancing under the flashing lights was Christine Schwarzman to the amusement of her husband Stephen, the Blackstone Group and Kennedy Center boss.”

Denise's Bash Too Merry
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