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But Let's Not Get Too Long on Andrew Young

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In fairness, our friends at the New York Sun point out that this isn't the first time Andrew Young has stuck his foot in his mouth. earlier Andrew Young affair — the one in which he resigned as President Carter's ambassador at the United Nations after meeting with an official of the Palestine Liberation Organization in violation of what was then American policy.
The Commentary article noted that in the aftermath of the resignation, Mr. Young denounced Israel for having "become the oppressor" of the Palestinians, for engaging in "terroristic" raids and "constant bombing" in Lebanon, and for "losing their moral advantage." A New York Times op-ed piece from a professor sympathizing with Mr. Young followed, saying that the resignation "brings into sharp focus the immense power of the Israeli lobby in this country."
The Commentary article put the Young affair in the context of the Cold War, noting that during the trial of the Russian Jewish dissident Anatoly Shcharansky, "Young noted tellingly that America, too, has political prisoners."

The Andrew Young Affair
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