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'Charts' Owner: A Mystery Solved?

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On Friday, the New York Times’ Dan Mitchell pointed toward an intriguing online collection of charts.
The collection lacked any textual explanation to explain the origins of the charts or the purposes for assembling them. They appeared to be culled from a variety of sources. Mitchell described it as “just a big, random pile of economic- and business-oriented charts unencumbered by any of that pesky text stuff.”
But some readers at noticed a pattern. The charts appear to some to demonstrate a housing bubble. “If you read enough of them, it seems that it's some presentation revolving around economic policy for the last half century and how the real value of money has plummeted while the banks have grown their mortgage lending exponentially, so that we are all now mortgage slaves. We don't really own our houses anymore, they are owned by the banks and we are all in much more debt than our grandparents 50 years ago,” a digger writes in the comments.
Supporting this contention was a cartoon included among the charts featuring a smiling couple saying “Thank You Housing Bubble.” (See above and left).
Not only the purpose of the site was a mystery. The author of the charts site is was well. As the Times pointed out, “the host’s Web registration is anonymous, and the homepage just says ‘please leave now.’”
But now the diggers claim to have discovered the probable owner of the page—fingering Ira Dorfman, a Washington, DC based consultant for eMobility International. Dorfman could not be reached for comment at this time but we’re going to give this a preliminary score of New York Times: 0, Digg: 1. DealBreaker contacted Dorfman, however, and he denies any connection to the website. Well, that's one person on earth who isn't behind the charts.
Score: New York Times: 1, Diggers: 0.
And the mystery continues.

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