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CSFB’s Very Own Eminem: Analyst Karaoke

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Meet Mike Masdea, a well-respected semi-conductor analyst at Credit Suisse in San Francisco. Recently it seems* Mike decided to add a little color to the blast voicemails the bank sends out to institutional clients with market recommendations. And by color we mean making his recommendation in the form of a version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” He begins: “If you have just one shot, a single opportunity to seize the bottom of the cycle, one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip?”
If only all conference calls could be this entertaining. Mike Masdea, the new Eminem, deserves a medal. Who knew Silicon Valley was the next 8 Mile?
Right click and and download the file here.

* Editor's note: Messages left with Masdea's assistant went unreturned so we cannot confirm that this is definitely Masdea on this recording. But circumstantial evidence (email forward trails) strongly suggests it.