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Dealbook, The Abridged Version (08.18.06)

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Martin Armstrong finally pleads guilty [fraud]
Tobacco ruling clears way for Altria breakup [legal]
VCs looking to make money from Cali clean energy regs [legal]
Comverse cuts ties with Kobi Alexander and two others charged in backdating case [backdating]
More restatements from AOL [legal]
Two former executives of DHB Industries, bullet proof vest makers for military, charged with securities fraud [fraud]
Spitzer has returned many campaign checks [politics]
Russian prosecutors target Yukos management [legal]
Conrad black faces additional charges [fraud]
Dell discloses SEC inquiry [inquiry]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
Keyspan + Britain’s National Grid
Arnoldo Mondadori Editori + Emap’s French consumer magazines division
For Sale/ LBOs/ Going Private/ Auctions/ Offerings:
Private equity bigs meeting with Cole Meyers [For sale]
Is NTL for sale or not? [For sale]
Annaly Capital Management prices offering at $12.30 [Offering]
Bema Gold selling shares [Offering]
HSH Nordbank going public [Going public]
AirChina flat following IPO [IPO]
Money Raising:
Intel invests $600M in ClearWire$$$
Isilon scores $10M$$
Chorus of EMinor investors sing $2M tune $
UBS taking outside cash for in-house hedge fund $
Rich people own yachts [Luxury]
Robot traders stymied by market indecision [Robots]
Hedging hurricanes [Hedge Fund]
Private equity success surprises even Henry Kravis [Private equity]
European maneuvering may bail out Alitalia [EU]
Big cable companies still bidding in wireless auction [Wireless]