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DealBreaker for Lawyers

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As everyone knows, the most miserable people on any deal are not the analysts. They're not the interns. They're not even the people who bind and clip 1,289 ever-expanding pitchbooks that no one will read.
The most miserable people on any deal are the lawyers. (DealBreaker editor/ex-M&A lawyer John Carney will confirm.) And mostly because they're almost powerless. As the joke goes, an analyst at Morgan Stanley can get a partner at Cravath out of bed at 4 AM, but the reverse can't happen. So while the poor lawyers are sitting around waiting for the bankers to make decisions, we made something for them to read. A DealBreaker for lawyers, if you will.
Introducing... our new legal tabloid, AboveTheLaw is written by David Lat, a former lawyer (natch) and most recently, editor at and founder of Underneath Their Robes. (More on David's background in this New Yorker profile.)