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DealBreaker Hotties: Bond Traders!

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Following in the footsteps of our little brother blog Above the Law, DealBreaker is embarking on a very, very important investigative assignment—we’re out to find the hottest bond trader in America!
There was a time not long ago when bond traders ruled the roost. They were the BSDs. They spat caviar, munched cigars, and ate more for lunch than you ate in a week. You might not have actually wanted to be a bond trader but at least once a week you wanted to live like one. Well, we’re bringing those days back.
So what qualifies as a hottie bond trader? To be honest, we’re not sure. That’s where you come in. We want to know what the modern day bond trader looks like. Are the bulge bracket bond boys still boasting belt breaking belly bulges? Or is the aesthetic slim and trim? We’ll find out when you email us with your nominations for bond trader hotties.
To nominate a bond trader, here's what we need you to email us (subject line: Bond Trader Hottie):
(1) the nominee's name, title (e.g., vice president or director), and where they work;
(2) a decent-sized, reasonably high-quality, digital photograph of the nominee (ideally a face pic); and
(3) a testimonial, in which you sing the praises of your favorite hottie and explain why he or she deserves to be crowned America's hottest bond trader.
Well, you’ve got the ground rules. Time to get to work. Send us your nominations. The contest runs from this very moment until, uhm, whenever we decide that this thing has gone on for long enough.
Oh, and feel free to nominate yourself. And to everyone seeking the title of America’s Hottest Bond Trader—Good Luck!