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Dennis Kozlowski’s Wife Files For Divorce

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Poor Karen Kozlowski. Her husband Dennis Kozlowski, the ex-chief of Tyco International, survived all the way through sentencing following his conviction for looting Tyco. No Ken Lay Asset Preservation Plan for her. Instead, she’s opted for the second-best method—she’s divorcing her jailed husband.
Kozlowski has been selling assets in order to pay the $167 million in court-ordered fines. By divorcing Dennis, Karen may be able to save some of the couple’s assets, even if they were purchased with money borrowed, looted or otherwise coming from Tyco. And, in fact, her divorce papers stake a claim to the waterfront mansion the couple bought with Tyco dollars in 2001.
You cannot really blame Karen for wanting to keep living off of Tyco money. She’s the one whose birthday on Sardinia famously cost $1 million dollars. And Tyco—and it’s shareholders—paid for it.

Former Tyco CEO's wife files for divorce
[Palm Beach post via WSF]


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