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Does Ken Stevens Have A Secret? The Jeffrey Epstein Connection

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The Limited Brands—the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, Limited Express and Bath & Bodyworks—is losing its CFO, Ken Stevens. After only two months in the post, Stevens is resigning to “spend more time with his family.”
Are people really still saying that? We mean, it could possibly be true but it's such a cliché in the worlds of business and politics that even if it were true, you wouldn’t want to say it. If a dog actually ate your homework, would you ever try to explain to the teacher that a dog ate your homework?
Here’s another, completely speculative theory sparked by Stevens’ lame explanation. The CEO of the Limited is Les Wexner, who just happens to be Jeffrey Epstein’s only confirmed client. We can imagine that these days it would be uncomfortable running the financial aspects of a company whose chief was so closely connected with Epstein. Is there a connection between Epstein’s legal troubles and Stevens’ resignation? Unfortunately, Stevens did not return calls from DealBreaker seeking clarification.
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