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Does Pepsi Hate America? New CEO Gave US The Middle Finger

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Yesterday we wrote some nice things about the new CEO of Pepsi, Indra Nooyi. We said she was smart. We said she looked smart. We said she was from India. We said that people said she played well with others (although at least one commenter objected to this characterization).
You know what? All that sugar made us a bit ill. What’s more, in the back of our minds we kept thinking that there was something else we knew about dear Indra. It was on the tip of our tongues, or at least the tips of our blog-typing fingers, but we just couldn’t get it. Maybe she gave money to charity? No. It wasn't that. Or had a private plane tackily decorated? Nope. That’s not it either. Too many “third” martinis with lunch were giving us afternoon amnesia.
Well, now we’ve sobered up and we remember—Indra gave America the middle finger last year. She was the commencement speaker for Columbia MBAs last march, and her talk included describing each major continent with one of her five fingers. As it turns out, in the mind of the new CEO of Pepsi, America is the middle finger. Many interpreted the content of her speech as sending a “blame America first” message, which Pepsi’s media spinners eventually got around to denying. But then again a lot of the people complaining about the speech were neoconservative types who are a bit quick on the "unpatriotic trigger."
So does Indra Nooyi still think America deserves the middle finger? Was this ever a fair characterization of her remarks? Is Pepsi’s denial plausible? Was this all a neocon plot to promote Coke? Below are some links to the controversy.
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