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Endless Summer Ending

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Is it over already? Summer finance internships are wrapping up all around the city. The fresh faced kids aiming for econ degrees at good schools have gained weight and now barely squeeze into the suit they bought during interview season last fall. Too many lunches, too many trips to Peter Lugers, too many conference room cookies.
And, of course, too many late nights spent boozing and occasionally groping strippers. The New York Post’s Sunday edition titillated with a report showing that despite concerns about sexual harassment and a dearth of women on Wall Street, summers are still be taken to Scores and the like.
The best line of the story describes how investment banks seduce students into the life of the all-night grind. "They're not unlike coke dealers, only in nicer suits," she said. "They want to give you a taste, because they know that once you have a taste, you'll come back for more."
The worst line shows that even though the kids have been given a taste of the good life, they’re still strictly amateurs at this sort of thing.

“At MarkJoseph Steakhouse, each of the handful of interns stuffed their faces with $80 porterhouses meant for two - and washed them down with plenty of cocktails. David drank Long Island iced teas.”

Porterhouse steak with Long Island effin’ iced teas?
We’re gagging on our mid-day martinis just thinking about it.

Wine & Dine
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