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Epstein Got Off Too Easy, Palm Beach Post Says

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Why didn’t prosecutors charge Jeffrey Epstein with more serious crimes? The police reports include allegations of sexually-tinged massages with girls as young as 14, human trafficking and something that seems a lot like rape to us. But he gets slapped with nothing more than a single solicitation charge after prosecutors referred the case to a grand jury.
So what happened? It seems that Epstein’s high-powered legal team crafted an ingenious and original “drunk, drug-addled lying sluts” defense and intimidated the prosecutors out of bringing charges. Here’s how the Palm Beach Post puts it:

The girls, Mr. Dershowitz told prosecutors, had written on about smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. But if the girls have a credibility problem, what about Jeffrey Epstein? Mr. Goldberger, told The Post: "Mr. Epstein absolutely insisted anybody who came to his house be over the age of 18. How he verified that, I don't know." And prosecutors took him at his word?

A more charitable way to look at the situation is that prosecutors may have been hesitant to put teenage girls on the stand knowing that Epstein’s lawyers would likely turn his trial into a forum for attacks on their characters, sexual history and allegations of drug use and prostitution.
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