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Epstein Update: Nobel Prize Wide Shut

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According to the anonymous author of TheMoneyShot, Shermon McCoy (har), our flood-the-zone coverage of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged personal pubescent predilictions is entirely based on one thing: we're jealous!

All these people are, I suspect, just slightly jealous that they were never invited to a Epstein party.** Being one of those privy to just such an event- barely-legal (I hope!) Russian girls and all- I can say that I understand why. There really is nothing else I have ever experienced quite like it. Nobel prize winners, a bunch of people intimately involved in ... cough! cough! Numerix cough! and cough! Prediction Company cough! cough!, Jeff himself, and some rich people who really don't matter- all surrounded by 18-, 19-, and 20- (again, I hope!) year old nude eastern european girls, frolicking with them, and then proceeding into one big orgy party. It was really strikingly similar to Eyes Wide Shut. Without the costumes, that is.

Well, Sherman, we'll admit that we're jealous of your blog idea. Porn and finance! At the same time! Two great tastes that go great together. Why didn't we think of that?***
But more importantly, we're deeply curious about which Nobel prize winners have been known to frolick sans tweed with nude Eastern European girls. And we're curious about the rich people who don't matter as well. C'mon! Give us a hint!
** Well, that's a little presumptuous, Sherman.
*** No, seriously. Why didn't we think of that? Minkin? Carney?
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