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Epstein’s Defense Tactic—Smear Everyone

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It’s tough to tell from our safe remove in lower Manhattan exactly what’s been going on down in Palm Beach between the prosecutors and the police. The Florida prosecutors didn’t charge Jeffrey Epstein directly—perhaps because Epstein’s legal dream team intimidated them convinced them that the girls police had interviewed were not credible witnesses—and the grand jury chose only to indict Epstein for solicitation. While that charge is still a felony, it is far less serious than the sex with minors charges police had sought. What’s more, the grand jury neglected to charge Epstein’s assistant Sarah Kellen, who is alleged to have had an instrumental role in setting up the sessions with underage girls, with anything at all. Frustrated with the local prosecutors, the police have now turned the case over to the FBI in an attempt to have federal prosecutors bring more serious charges.
So, of course, Epstein’s lawyers have gone beyond smearing the girls who allegedly spent time nearly naked rubbing lotion into the money manager while he rubbed one out into a towel. They are also attacking Palm Beach Police Chief Epstein, Michael Reiter, 53. They’ve referred to the chief’s pursuit of Epstein as “craziness,” and characterized his dispute with prosecutors as “childish.” Someone has also been spreading rumors that Reiter is involved in a “messy divorce”—which is disgusting non-sequitur that seems clearly intended to intimidate Reiter into back off the case.
As we said, it’s tough to tell exactly what is going on from this remove. But the Palm Beach Post, which is one of the few mainstream newspapers covering this story in any detail, recently printed a story that seems to refute the smears against Reiter. It paints as a well-respected professional. Oddly enough, however, the prosecutor Reiter has sought to have removed from the case, State Attorney Barry Krischer, also seems to be well respected. As we said, it’s hard to tell what is going on down in the world of Palm Beach.
But what’s not hard to see is that the Epstein defense has developed a pattern—painting everyone accusing Epstein of crimes as disrespectable.

Police chief's reputation helps discredit attacks
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