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Forbes, August 21, 1956 2006: "Don't Marry Career Women"

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We were tempted to categorize this under "back dating," but for entirely different reasons: Forbes has a piece out today titled, "Don't Marry Career Women" the title of which is based on the premise that "recent studies have found professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat, less likely to have children, and, if they do have kids, they are more likely to be unhappy about it." In our opinion,** that could have easily been rewritten as professional women are "less likely to put up with mediocre or bad marriages, more likely to admit to cheating, less likely to have children if they feel they feel they're not equipped to, and if they do have kids, more likely to admit to being unhappy about it," but what do we know? (We also think "happiness" studies confuse happiness with satisfaction and that type-A career-oriented people are less satisfied generally, but again, what do we know?)
Forbes also provides a helpful sidebar, "Nine Reasons Not to Marry a Career Woman", one of which is that the house would be dirtier,*** to which Gawker commenter "Steverino" adds the following reasons, all of which have approximately the same level of intellectual integrity as the ones mentioned in the Forbes piece:

Career women don't "use the backdoor."
Career women aren't good at accepting apologies, and don't know how to cover up a shiner.
Career women know more lawyers.
Career women talk too much when you bring them to benefit dinners.
Career women won't end a financial argument by pressing their breasts against you and cooing, "Oh well, you're the money man."
Career women are less likely to want to fool around with their lesbian friends.
Career women poop.
Career women read articles like this one.

** We're one of those frightening "career women". But we're also fairly ambivalent about marriage, so we suppose it works out.
*** And as career women, we don't buy the data behind this one. Career women hire consistently bad housekeepers? Also, we'd be a bad housekeeper regardless of whether we had a career and we don't think we're an outlier.
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