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Gary Weiss vs Mark Cuban, Round Three

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We're not even sure if it's really fair to call it round three, since Gary Weiss's latest response to Mark Cuban's Sharesleuth comes so fast on the heals of his earlier post. This post needs to be read in its entirety. Weiss actually calls up former Wall Street Journal reporter and convicted insider trader Foster Winans and gets him to comment on Sharesleuth.

My take on Cuban, off the cuff without doing much research, is that in a world of institutional thievery, hidden fees, undisclosed conflicts of interest, "legal" insider trading, engineered and misleading mutual fund returns, false and rigged analyst rankings, and all the other self-dealing behavior that is business-as-usual in the investment racket, Mark Cuban is by comparison a goddamned Mother Teresa. At least you know he's screwing you.

Winans on Cuban: 'At Least You Know He's Screwing You'