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Get A New Job: Gravedigger

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Every now and then it occurs to you that maybe your job isn’t all its cracked up to be. Sure bonus time isn’t that far away, and you expect to do pretty well this year. But that wasted summer share you barely ever got to, those friends you don’t see but who call you at eleven on Friday night, drunk and wondering where you are…well, it’s all starting to get to you. So, as an added service, DealBreaker will occasionally bring you insights into the lives of people who have jobs very far removed from finance, Wall Street or corporate America.
Today’s alternative job—Gravedigger. Here's how one guy describes the difference between a good grave digger and a jobber just trying to get by.

There are guys who skimp on the corners. You would think this wasn’t a big deal because the coffin’s going to go in and they’re going to fill in the dirt, so who cares about corners. You would be wrong in every way. A proper, cheerful-looking grave needs some sharp corners. That’s why I use a drafting T. It’s only a couple of extra minutes and the widows do so appreciate the effort.

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