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Google Cache Means Your Deep Thoughts Are Forever

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    Original:’s CEO Patrick Byrne was one of the few CEO’s we know who regularly wrote essays on the internet. And by “essays” we mean defensive, semi-paranoid rants attacking short sellers and his company’s detractors. Sometimes this stuff got so batshit insane overheated that some readers thought it was a prank or doubted Byrne was actually writing the stuff.
Now it’s gone. The entire section “Deep Thoughts by Patrick Byrne” seems to been erased from Overstock’s website. (And we never got to find out whether the section was in fact named for Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts” segments on Saturday Night Live.)
Fortunately, we’ll always have the Google cache. [Update: As our readers have pointed out, the cache sadly just gives evidence of how many deep thoughts Byrne had, but not the actual posts themselves.]
Byrne Nukes His Own Immortal Words [Gary Weiss]
Update: We hadn't seen this before so maybe it is the replacement for Deep Thoughts. The Patrick Byrne blog!