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Hello Lauren! DealBreaker’s ‘One Ocean View’ Investigation Continues

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So just who is Lauren, the mysterious “junior analyst” at a hedge fund who is quickly gaining fame for her icy manipulation of men on ABC's "One Ocean View" and who pointedly refuses to give her last name to reporters? We’re still not sure but the woman in this picture bears a strong resemblance to Lauren of OCV. What’s more, we got it from her Friendster page, where the profile matches several confirmed facts about Lauren.
*She's named Lauren. Check.
*She works for a hedge fund. Check.
* She’s from New Jersey. Check.
* She went to the University of Arizona. Check.
* Knows a young man named Zack. Check.
* She considers herself single. Check.
* While Zack still says that “it’s complicated.” Sadly, yes. Check. (Get over it, man.)
She lists her employer as Cynthion Partners. Ladies and gents, we believe we have a winner.
Lauren's Profile [Friendster]