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How To Wear Socks

Okay. Look. Do you know what to do about socks? If you are a man, you should not own different kinds of socks. You should own 18 pairs of identical black socks for everyday use, and 18 pairs of white socks for outdoor or gym use. (More colorful socks are acceptable only for vacations on the Vineyard and more technical socks for climbing or hiking.) You never have to worry about mismatched pairs or the loss of one sock eliminating an entire pair. In fact, you’ll never have to think about your socks again. Every six to eight months, throw out all your socks and start over again. (Or, if you must, donate them for a tax deduction to charity.)
We're sorry, girls. Socks, stockings and the like will remain complicated for you.
We’re guessing the guys at Blackstone already know this, which is why they are planning on combining two major socks companies.

Blackstone Group Plans to Combine Sock Makers
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