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However bad things get, you can always thank baby Jesus that you aren't a corporate lawyer.

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Leveraged Sellout reflects on the fate of a friend who didn't make the cut in investment banking and wound up working for a white-shoe law firm.

Andy is working the hours of some 1st year banking analyst for less pay, presumably making someone’s logo on a tombstone read 14pt Helvetica instead of 12pt and still scratching his head and feigning comprehension of the “complex” underlying calculations.
Poor Andy. He used to want to run a hedge fund, now all he can hope for is to be In-House Counsel. He used to want to deck himself out in the cutting edge finely tailored business apparel, but now he’s bound for a closet full of golf shirts and tassel-y shoes. Andy used to want to be in the heat of things, sealing deals and wooing clients, but now he’s destined to be support staff.

BigLaw, BigSchmaw
[Leverage Sellout]