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Insider Trading, Inc.

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As long as its Mark Cuban day at DealBreaker, we might as well run with it.
Back when Cuban first announced Sharesleuth’s controversial business plan, Bruce Carton at Securities Litigation Watch noted, “I'm sure that Plotkin and Pajcin are kicking themselves right now for not including it in the Insider Trading, Inc. business plan.” (Ah, feel the refreshingly synergetic breeze of so many DealBreaker obsessions in one place.)
Today he wonders whether Mark Cuban’s success at Sharesleuth might end up undermining it’s legality.

[If Cuban’s business plan works], the first company that makes its money from legal insider trading will have been created—with a business model that can be duplicated by anyone with similar resources and abilities. If this occurs, Congress and the SEC may need to give serious thought to whether it is time to refine the insider trading laws. Exposes Achilles' Heel of Insider Trading Laws [Securities Litigation Watch]