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Is Bruce Wasserstein Ailing? More Reports

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Reports of Bruce Wasserstein’s allegedly deteriorating health continue to come in to Peter Cohan following up on his July 27th post.

Claims that Wasserstein's health is "fine" are at odds with reports I've received since July 27. For instance, on August 11, a person who has seen Wasserstein recently said, "He has a prior heart condition and this may have been a recurrence. He looks like he lost 75 pounds and his voice sounds different."
Another person mentioned that Wasserstein had received quadruple bypass surgery prior to joining Lazard. On August 9th, without prompting, a former Wasserstein Perella & Co. banker said, "I saw Bruce Wasserstein two weeks ago and decided he must be sick because he looks like s--t." One who met with him around the same time said that Wasserstein, who did not look well, commented "it's just the pneumonia" -- the same ailment from which he suffered in December 2005 as reported in a January 15, 2006 New York Times profile. (I've had pneumonia in the past and it didn't cause me to lose weight.) In sum, at least five people who have seen him in recent weeks have wondered about his health.

Just to be clear about our interest in this. We don't think posting about this is senselessly morbid or invasive. In fact, we hope that the worries of the people talking to Cohan are misplaced. And normally we wouldn’t encourage speculation about the health of an individual. We have a good deal of respect for the privacy of individuals here at DealBreaker. But as Cohan points out in his post, Wasserstein is the CEO of a public company and so his health is a matter of concern not just to his family and friends but to his company’s shareholders as well. Emails to Lazard seeking information about Wasserstein’s health went unreturned at the time we posted this item.
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