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Is Playboy a Target for Takeover?

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We’re going to skip over all the jokes about Playboy getting a bit old and flabby. We’re not even going to say anything about clipping bunny ears. And we won’t note that waiting for Playboy to turn a profit is like believing in the Easter Bunny. (Actually, that’s not bad.)
But with EBITDA dropping off the table and management not giving investors much confidence that they have a real plan to turn things around, we have to wonder whether or not Playboy might be ripe for a takeover. And it’s not just us. At least one tipster has told us that a major investor is looking for financing to buy the bunny. These are all just rumors and speculations, of course. We’re not saying the sharks are definitely swimming in the grotto, but they might be. And they might be hunting bunny rabbits.
(Sorry about those last metaphors. Couldn’t resist.)

Playboy's Unsexy Struggle
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