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Jeffrey Epstein and Those Nobel Prize Winning Orgiasts

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As we mentioned earlier today, over on the very, very much Not Safe For Work Moneyshot blog, the pseudonymous Shermon McCoy claims that he’s been at Jeffrey Epstein parties in which Nobel prize winners and various wealthy folks were all surrounded by young, “nude eastern european girls, frolicking with them, and then proceeding into one big orgy party.” Uhm, okay. So who were these Nobel prize winners? So far we haven’t been able to confirm anything.
But we have uncovered published reports about a boondoggle orgy physics symposium in St. Thomas that Epstein organized, which was attended by Nobel prize winners Gerardus't Hooft, David Gross and Frank Wilczek, and physicist Stephen Hawking. We don’t want to suggest that Hawking got all freaky with Epstein’s alleged sex-slave. Or that anyone did anything wrong or unbecoming. Or that any of these physics guys have ever had sex with anyone, for that matter.
But the story does suggest it wasn’t all equations and string theory.

Delegates from the University of the Virgin Islands and Antilles School also attended the reception, where a few free spirited physicists braved the dance floor.
"There is no agenda except fun and physics, and that's fun with a capital 'F,'" Epstein said.

Before the Epstein story broke we might have read that with a straight face. Now we cannot help but wonder exactly who these “delegates” were. Were they professors? Or students? And why do we think that the capital “F” wasn’t just for fun?
That’s probably completely unfair. But like we said before. In light of the allegations, everything we read about Epstein seems creepy.

Physicists Debate Gravity at St. Thomas Symposium
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