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Jeffrey Epstein Fights Back: “These women are liars.”

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Jeffrey Epstein has launched an army of lawyers and publicists to clear his name and smear the girls who have accused him of sexual improprieties and solicitation, the Palm Beach Post reports this morning. Here's a quick look at the line coming out from Epstein's camp.
In Epstein’s army: attorneys Jack Goldberger, Alan Dershowitz and. Roy Black. New York publicist Dan Klores and an unnamed Los Angeles publicist.
The spin: these girls are liars, thieves and drug-users. The Palm Beach police are on a childish vendetta.
What Epstein’s camp admits: Epstein did have young women over to his house to administer massages. There is no explanation for why he was paying untrained girls upwards of $200 for massages.
What they’re denying: That Epstein had any knowledge the girls were underage or that Epstein had sex with any underage girls.
There’s a gap between what has been alleged and what is being denied, and that gap might be informative. Even if Epstein didn’t ‘have sex’ with the girls, did he have them strip and did he masturbate while they massaged him?
Ugh. Suddenly we’re back in Clinton-Lewinsky territory, trying to guess at what the meaning of 'sex' is.

Epstein camp calls female accusers liars
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