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Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal Roils New Mexico Politics

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Stick another pin into your map tracking the scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. The governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, is donating the campaign contributions he got from Epstein to local charities, a New Mexico newspaper is reporting.
Epstein is said to own one of the largest private home in New Mexico, a 26,700-square-foot hilltop fortress mansion on his Zorro ranch.
Epstein’s been pretty active in New Mexican politics. He reportedly donated $50,000 for Richardson's 2002 campaign and another $50,000 to Richardson's re-election campaign this year, $15,000 to attorney general candidate Gary King, $10,000 to state land commissioner candidate Jim Baca and $2,000 to Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano. King says he’ll dump the Epstein tainted money, Baca said he is discussing it with his campaign manager and Sheriff Solano says he has already spent the money and doesn’t have any to return.
A note to King and Baca—you might think twice about actually giving the money back to Epstein. As we noted before, who knows what he’s going to use it for. Better to follow Richardson’s example—and we’re not saying he picked up the idea from DealBreaker but we secretly suspect he did—and give the money to charity.
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