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Jeffrey Epstein: The Story So Far

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This morning’s Palm Beach Post carries a lengthy article on Jeffrey Epstein. It mostly tracks what you’ve already read here or elsewhere but is worth reading if you haven’t followed all the details. Among the highlights:


•Jeffrey Epstein’s early career at Dalton and Bear Stearns.
•His earlier disputes with former business partners and Citigroup.
•Rumors that he left Bear Stearns under an SEC inquiry cloud.
•Also rumored to have been a spook of some sort.
•Mentored by Steven Hoffenberg “now serving a prison term after ‘bilking investors out of more than $450 million in one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history.’
•His real estate: private island, huge townhouse in Manhattan, gigantic in new Mexico and a alleged teenage petting zoo mansion in Palm Beach.
•Powerful friends: top scientists, former Harvard president Larry Summers, Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman and Bill Clinton.
•Thought to have 15 clients but only one is known—the Wexner family, founders of The Limited clothing stores.
•Long linked to media mogul Robert Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine Maxwell.
•Said to have also dated a former Miss Sweden and a Romanian model.
The Case.
•Investigation began after a mother heard her daughter discussing trips to Epstein’s place and contacted police.
•Private investigators working for Epstein contacted witnesses during the investigation.
•Disputes arose between prosecutors and police.
•An early plea bargain which would have kept Epstein out of jail fell apart.
•Alan Dershowitz flew to Palm Beach to paint the girls making the allegations against Epstein as lying, thieving, drug and alcohol abusing and unreliable.
•The "Heidi Fleiss" of Palm Beach is alleged to have brought six girls between ages 14 and 18 to Epstein's house for massages.
While admitting that Epstein had girls over to administer massages, Epstein's camp maintains he is innocent of any criminal wrong-doing. One of his lawyers even insists Epstein will emerge from the case with his reputation untarnished.

Jeffrey Epstein craved big homes, elite friends - and, investigators say, underage girls
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